Push "Help" for each section for hints and assistance in entering the correct items.

Use the "tab" key or mouse to move through the form.

If you push the "enter" key it will refresh the page and clear the whole form.

Numerical entries will automatically format to currency so there is no need to add comma's. You will need to add a period for cents entries though. If there are no cents, you don't need to type in two zero's or a period. For example: if your entry is $1,200.00 all you need to type is 1200. For $23.55 you would enter 23.55 with the period because there are cents. For $15.00 you would just enter 15.

Push the "submit" button on the bottom of the form only when you are finished.

After you click the "submit" button, the "Thankyou" page will come up with all your form entries.

Check them all. If you need to make corrections, click the browsers back button, make your changes and submit the form again.